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What Is Wireless Dynamometer Crane Scale Load Cell

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What Is Wireless Dynamometer Crane Scale Load Cell

A wireless dynamometer is a device that measures weight and load and transmits the results to a display via a wireless signal.

Mainly composed of the following components

1. Load cell:

A sensor that converts force or load into an electrical signal, measuring the force exerted on a load-bearing hook or connection point.

2. Dynamometer:

Dynamometers measure the force exerted during lifting or tensioning a load, providing real-time feedback of the force exerted.

3. Wireless technology:

The wireless aspect means the device can transmit data without the need for physical cables, allowing for remote monitoring and control.


Wireless dynamometer can be used in:

Water weight test Overhead weighing
Load cell rental Bollard pull tug test
Loading and unloading Overload
Load sensing on jib winches Ship-to-ship transfer (STS)

(including but not limited to)



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