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What Is The Difference between A Lifeboat And Rescue Boat?

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What Is The Difference between A Lifeboat And Rescue Boat?

Lifeboat vs. Rescue Boat

Choosing the Professional Boat for Safety and Rescue

Safety and rescue are very important to people when sailing at sea. Lifeboats and rescue boats in this field are two different professional vessels, each playing a different role in emergencies.

life boat VS. rescue boat1


——Life boat——

Lifeboats are critical survival equipment on ships and can only ensure the rapid and safe evacuation of passengers in critical situations. 

Lifeboats are usually designed to be lightweight, strong, sufficiently buoyant, and designed to accommodate the people on board. It can be quickly released in an emergency and provides a reliable escape route.

——Rscue boat——

Rescue boats are more focused on performing water rescue missions. These boats are equipped with professional rescue equipment. It has fast maneuverability and can quickly respond to emergencies on the water, conduct search and rescue and rescue missions, and provide key support for maritime safety.

Differences in use: Lifeboats are mainly used for emergency escape and personnel transfer on ships, while rescue boats focus on performing water rescue and search and rescue missions.

Design differences: Lifeboats focus on quick launch and escape; rescue boats have professional rescue equipment and fast maneuverability to perform complex water rescue tasks.

Target group: Lifeboats serve the crew and passengers on the ship, providing a means of emergency escape; while rescue boats serve the entire maritime community, performing rescue and search and rescue missions for people in distress.

enclosed lifeboat80

rescue boat74


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