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What Are The Classifications of Lifeboats?

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What Are The Classifications of Lifeboats?

Lifeboats, pivotal in maritime safety, assume a crucial role as vital life-saving equipment during extreme emergencies prompting ship abandonment. These smaller, rigid vessels are meticulously designed to be swiftly abandoned with minimal time and machinery involvement, ensuring a prompt response to critical situations. Auxiliary launch systems facilitate quick deployment from the ship's side, expediting the crew's escape from the vessel in the earliest possible moments.

In the realm of lifeboats used on ships, they are broadly categorized into four distinctive types:

1. Gravity Inverted Wall Type:

Characterized by its design, this lifeboat type employs a gravity-based inverted wall mechanism for deployment, enhancing efficiency during emergency situations.

enclosed lifeboat7

2. Platform Type:

Featuring a platform-style structure, this lifeboat type is recognized for its stability and ease of use, providing a secure platform for evacuation procedures.

Platform Type Lifeboat

3. Open Type:

 Distinguished by its open design, this lifeboat type offers accessibility and swift boarding, ensuring a quick response to emergency scenarios with an open and unobstructed layout.

GRP Open Lifeboat .(17)

4. Free Fall Type:

Emphasizing rapid deployment, the free fallt ype lifeboat is engineered for quick release and descent, optimizing the evacuation process in urgent conditions.


These categorizations underscore the diverse nature of lifeboats, each tailored to specific operational needs and emergency response requirements. The differentiation in types ensures that ships are equipped with versatile life-saving assets, ready to address a spectrum of maritime challenges effectively.


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