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Weekly and monthly inspections of F.R.P Rescue Boat

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Weekly and monthly inspections of F.R.P Rescue Boat

Weekly and Monthly Inspections of F.R.P Rescue Boat

SOLAS regulation III/20.6 requires that ship’s rescue boat must be inspected weekly and the  report of the inspections must be entered into the ship’s logbook. Weekly inspection includes:

① Visual inspection of rescue boat.

② Condition of hooks and their attachment to the rescue boat.

③ On-load release gear (if fitted) being properly and completely reset.

④ Running of the engines for at least 3 minutes, if the ambient temperature is above the  minimum requirement for starting the engine.

⑤ Demonstrating that the gearbox and gearbox train are engaging.

According SOLAS regulation III/20.7 the rescue boat must be turned out of its stowed position monthly without any persons onboard. Monthly inspection also includes inspection of equipment in the rescue boats by using a checklist to make sure that the equipment is in good order and working condition.


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