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Upper Gearbox For Rudder Propeller

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Upper Gearbox For Rudder Propeller

The upper gear box assembly is composed of an upper box body, an input shaft assembly, a rudder propeller feedback unit, an upper support assembly, etc. The input shaft in the input shaft assembly is equipped with tapered roller bearings. The upper end of the input shaft has a flat keyway, which is connected with the output end of the motor through an elastic coupling, and the other end is splined with the intermediate vertical shaft assembly to transmit torque and speed. Go to the next gear box. The upper end of the input shaft adopts two pairs of lip seals and a nitrided bushing to form a rotary seal to prevent internal lubricating oil from flowing to the outside. A dust-proof ring is installed at the top of the upper part to effectively ensure the dust-proof of the input shaft during operation. Function, the input shaft is a hollow shaft, the top is blocked by a screw plug, and the shaft has multiple oil holes in the radial direction, which mainly acts as an oil bath lubrication for the external bearing.


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