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Ultraviolet Sterilizer

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Ultraviolet Sterilizer

The principle of ultraviolet sterilizer sterilization is the use of ultraviolet light emitted by the radiation intensity, and also with the distance of the object is inversely proportional. Therefore, when the irradiation intensity reaches a certain time, the longer the exposed object stays, the closer it is to the sterilization lamp, the better its sterilization effect, and the worse it is.

Advantages of UV sterilizers : 

1. Quick and effective sterilization, in one to two seconds can reach the sterilization rate of 99 percent; 

2. It has high-efficiency and broad-spectrum bactericidal property, has bactericidal effect to any microbe and bacteria, and can reduce odor and degrade trace organic matter. 

3. It can sterilize air, water and other fluids safely and reliably. 

4. No secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment, strong environmental protection, no toxic and side effects; 

5. Low Investment and operating costs, as well as low maintenance costs. 

6. Small footprint, easy operation and easy installation. 

7. The effect of disinfection is little affected by water temperature and Ph.

Precautions for using ultraviolet sterilizer:

1. The ultraviolet ray can not directly irradiate the human skin .

2. The ultraviolet radiation has certain requirements on the temperature and humidity of the Working Environment: The irradiation intensity is stable above 20 ° C, and increases with the rise of temperature between 5 ° and 20 ° c. when the relative humidity is below 60% , the bactericidal ability is stronger, when the humidity increased to 70% , the sensitivity of microorganisms to ultraviolet radiation decreased, and when the humidity increased to 90% , the bactericidal power decreased by 30% -40% .

3. when the surface of the UV lamp and sleeve has dust and oil, it will block the UV rays, so should often (usually once every two weeks) with alcohol Acetone, ammonia for wiping.

4. when the ultraviolet lamp starts, heating to a stable state takes a few minutes, the terminal voltage is higher. If immediately re-open after closing, it is often difficult to start, and easy to damage the lamp and reduce the lamp life, it is generally not appropriate to start frequently.


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