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Types of Mooring Anchors

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Types of Mooring Anchors

Anchoring is an important aspect for the vessel,Mooring anchor is used to enable the ship to halt effectively whenever required in the port or harbours and even in the middle of the ocean or the sea.

There are many different types mooring anchors in the market.

1) Conventional type: This mooring anchors are shaped like inverted mushroom, so that they can easily penetrate the any types of underwater surface of the seabed with good weight holding capacity.

2) Dead-Weight Type: This type is the simplest and cost efficient anchors to be used. These anchors are known for their utility more in rough underwater surfaces. It is quite bulky and are capable of being used for heavier vessels.

3) Screw-in or Blades Type: it is the most popular types because its faster to reach the ground depth as compared to the other variations. The blades or wings are fitted to the sides of the anchor which help in deeper sinking of the anchor.

4) Multiple Mooring Anchors Type


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