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Types of Fresh Water Generator

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Types of Fresh Water Generator

  When ships sail on the sea, fresh water is one of the important items to maintain human life. Seawater cannot be used directly because of its high salt content. There are two main methods for desalination, namely plate type and reverse osmosis type.


  1.  Plate type fresh water generator

  The plate type fresh water generator is suitable for installation in vessels. It is featured with compact installation height and simple structure.

  The device uses the heat source generated by the waste heat of the engine cylinder jacket water, through vacuum boiling distillation, then boiling the seawater through a plate evaporator. Last, the plate cooler condenses steam into fresh water.


2. Reverse Osmosis fresh water generator

    The Reverse Osmosis fresh water generator using the principle of osmosis, the seawater is compressed to exceed the osmotic pressure, then the water in the seawater is reverse osmosis through the membrane to prepare fresh water.


  Depending on the quality of Raw Water, a pretreatment is required to be done on the Raw Water of the actual Reverse Osmosis process.


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