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Types of Fenders

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Types of Fenders

Fenders are an integral part of safety system of the ship which reduces the shocks upon the quay or the hull. A wide range or variety of marine fenders is available in the market for different applications. They are not only used for merchant vessels, but also for boats, yachts, and other floating vessels.

Marine fender selection is important as it determines the safety of the personnel, cargo and body of the ship and its equipments. The turn around time of the ship can depend on the quality of the fender. One has to keep in mind the statistics of the heaviest and the largest vessel that reports to the dock before selecting and arranging the marine fender system.


Various types of rubber marine fender, foam marine fender and pneumatic marine fenders Now fixed rubber fender systems comes in different varieties such as.

Cone fenders

Cell fenders

Arch fenders

Cylindrical fenders

D type fenders

Leg fenders

Dock corner rubber fenders

Pie-type rubber fenders


Foam fenders contain chemicals such as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which are floatable and low in maintenance cost. A polyurethane spray or elastic-polymer sprays are used over these fenders to create near total wear resistant exterior

Pneumatic fenders are air filled floating marine fenders which can be fitted on quay wall or ships hull according to the requirement.



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