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The purpose and working principle of inflatable life jackets

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The purpose and working principle of inflatable life jackets

What is an inflatable life jacket?

An inflatable lifejacket is a compact, buoyant personal flotation device designed to help people stay afloat in the water. It has an inflation mechanism, either manual or automatic, that inflates the device when activated.

These life jackets are comfortable to wear and offer excellent maneuverability, making them popular with boaters, sailors and water sports enthusiasts. In an emergency, they provide the necessary buoyancy to keep the wearer's head above the water, keeping them safe until rescue or reaching a safe location.

Inflatable Life Jacket 19

How do inflatable life jackets work?

It has an independent buoyancy chamber, which can be automatically inflated within 5 seconds of falling into the water or manually inflated by pulling the toggle switch. It keeps the head, neck and shoulders above the water to ensure the safety of the wearer. It also has a manual inflation device. If necessary, the life jacket can be inflated by pulling down the rope fixed on the operating head.

The life jacket is equipped with a reflective tape, an oral inflation tube for inflation and deflation, and a whistle, which can alert rescuers to their attention through sound.

It can be used by people engaged in activities, whether related to work or leisure, or in or near water to avoid drowning.


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