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The composition of EEBD Breathing Device

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The composition of EEBD Breathing Device

EEBD is mainly composed of four parts

1. Cylinder

This is a compressed air cylinder that with a capacity of about 600 litres lasting at least 10minutes and 15 minutes of breathing time. The cylinder is charged with air compressor and suitable adapter will be used to charge it or it may be charged by an external authority in port.

2. Hood

Head and Face Hood is the part that supplies air to the wearer from the cylinder and covers his head and face when evacuating.

3. Clear window

A clear window is provided in the face piece and is made up of flame resistant material for clear sighting and smooth escaping. Also referred to as the visor, this is in place to ensure maximum practicable visibility.

4. Pressure Indicator

This is in place to know the remaining pressure and to know when to recharge the air in it.


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