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The Function And Structure of Solas Immersion Suit

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The Function And Structure of Solas Immersion Suit

An immersion suit, also known as a survival suit or anti-exposure suit, is a specialized piece of personal protective equipment designed to provide thermal protection and buoyancy to individuals in emergency situations involving immersion in cold water.

Immersion Suit35

The thermal insulation suit comprises essential components designed for optimal safety and comfort in maritime emergencies: 

  1. **Head Support and Buoyancy Ring:** The suit features a head support panel or buoyancy ring serving as a pillow, offering rest and support for the head in a horizontal floating position. An inflatable bladder, connected to the head support, provides buoyancy by inflating through a hose, lifting the head out of the water.

  2.**Reflective Tape Strips:** Equipped with SOLAS-approved reflective tape strips, strategically placed on arms, upper body, legs, and head areas to enhance visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, minimizing the need for additional repairs.

  3. **Waterproof Zipper and Face Shield:** The suit incorporates a waterproof front zipper to seal out water, ensuring a secure fit. A clear face shield adds an extra layer of protection against water entry and ocean spray.

  4. **Gloves:** Gloves or mittens, either glued/sewn onto the suit or removable, provide flexibility for hand movements during donning and evacuation. The inner portion is made of a thin, non-insulating waterproof material, while the outer glove is thicker, insulated, and tethered. 

  5. **Ankle Straps:** Recognizing that the leg area of the suit may affect walking, ankle straps or straps are included to ease and accelerate movement, particularly in boot-shaped or tapered leg designs. 

  6. **Accessories (Whistle, Lights, Seat Belts):** Immersion suits on compliant boats are equipped with essential accessories. A whistle and flashers, crucial for signaling or beaconing for help, are attached. The whistle, linked to a string, and the waterproof, automatically activating light, placed near the shoulder, contribute to increased visibility. The flashlight operates on battery power. These accessories enhance the suit's functionality in emergency situations.


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