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Storage and maintenance for immersion suit

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Storage and maintenance for immersion suit

Precautions for storage and maintenance

1. Store this product in a low-temperature, ventilated and dry environment. It is strictly forbidden to put it in a high-temperature environment or long-term exposure; avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.; strictly forbid heavy pressure; folds appear during and after storage normal phenomenon.

2. Avoid contact or rubbing with sharp objects during storage and application, to prevent puncture or wear through the waterproof layer and affect the waterproof effect; pay attention to rodent damage.

3. After the application is completed, turn out the inner layer of the garment in time, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and dry the water accumulated inside; if it needs to be cleaned, use a neutral detergent and a soft brush.

4. Do not turn on the lifejacket light switch during the storage process, and only turn it on when needed, otherwise it will damage the lifejacket light or consume the power of the lithium battery.

5. Check the clothing regularly, and repair it in time if damage or water leakage is found.


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