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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is a device for the automatic supply of breathable gas in an environment posing an immediate danger to life or health.


The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus includes:

One or two cylinders with pressurized air

A seat belt that attaches a cylinder to a person's back

A breathing system that reduces the pressure of air in cylinders and delivers air to the wearer as needed

The mask is connected to a demand valve which maintains a positive pressure inside the mask at all times

Daily Inspection and Maintenance

The SCBA unit must be inspected and maintained regularly to keep it in working order. Check the backpanel and shoulder/hip belts for any damage and keep these shoulder and hip belts fully extended.

Check the mask strap and other rubber parts for any damage. Wipe the mask with a mild disinfectant and rinse it under running water. Always wipe dry. Perform a pre-use inspection after each maintenance.


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