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Safety Features on a Liferaft

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Safety Features on a Liferaft

Some of the main safety features on a liferaft are:

-Pressure relief valve

-Stabilizing pocket

-Insulated canopy with two layers for protection against heat and cold


Important Liferaft Equipment

All liferafts on ships are fitted with the following equipment

-Rescue quoits with minimum 30-metre lines

-Non-folding knife with a buoyant handle. If the life raft holds more than 13 persons, then a second knife

-For 12 persons or less, 1 bailer. For more than 13 persons, 2 bailers should be kept

-2 sponges

-2 buoyant paddles

-3 tin openers

-2 sea anchors

-1 pair of scissors

-1 first aid waterproof kit

-1 whistle

-1 waterproof torch for communicating morse code with 1 spare set of batteries and bulb

-1 signalling mirror/heliograph

-1 radar reflector

-1 life-saving signals waterproof card

-1 fishing tackle

-Food ration totalling not less than 10000 kJ for each person

-Water ration- 1.5 litres of freshwater for each person

-One rustproof graduated drinking vessel

-Anti seasickness medicine sufficient for at least 48 hours and one seasickness bag for each person

-Instructions on how to survive (Survival booklet)

-Instructions on immediate action

-TPA sufficient for 10% of the number of persons or two, whichever is greater

-Marking shall be SOLAS ‘A’ Pack

-6 Hand Flares

-4 Rocket Parachute Flares

-2 Buoyant Smoke Signals

Markings on a Liferaft Container

Important markings provided on a liferaft container are:

Maker’s name and trademark

Serial number

Name of authority

Number of persons carried

SOLAS emergency pack enclosed

Date of the last service

Length of painter

Maximum height of stowage

Launching instructions


Important markings provided on an inflatable type of liferaft are:

Maker’s name and trademark

Serial Number

Date of manufacture

Name of approving authority

Name and place of the last service

Number of persons permitted


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