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Rudder Propeller

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Rudder Propeller

The rudder propeller is a kind of propulsion device which can make a 360 ° rotation around its vertical axis. By adjusting the angle of rotation, it can change the direction of the propeller in the propulsion device, thus can obtain the thrust in any direction, to realize the forward, backward, horizontal and in situ rotation of the ship. 

The azimuth thruster mainly includes propulsion mechanism and rotary mechanism, in which the rotary mechanism includes support seat, rotary shaft tube, rotary bearing, drive shaft and power mechanism. The support seat comprises a support bottom plate, a support side plate and a support cover plate, wherein the support bottom plate and the support cover plate are directly arranged, and the support side plate is connected with the support cover plate and the support bottom plate, thereby forming a cavity, the outer ring of the slewing bearing is fixed on the supporting base plate, the slewing bearing is arranged in the cavity, the inner ring of the slewing bearing is fixedly connected with the slewing shaft tube, and the bottom end of the slewing shaft tube is connected with the propulsion mechanism. The power mechanism is used to drive the inner ring of the slewing bearing to rotate, thereby driving the slewing shaft tube and the propulsion mechanism to rotate, and the driving shaft is arranged in the slewing shaft tube and is connected with the propeller drive, the utility model is used for transmitting the power on the ship to the propeller, and driving the propeller to rotate.


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