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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant 

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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant 

RO is a membrane separation water purification technology in which the feed water flows under pressure along the surface of the membrane. Pure water passes through the membrane and is collected, while concentrated water containing dissolved and undissolved debris that does not pass through the membrane is released to drain. 

Membranes and pressurized water are the two most important requirements for the reverse osmosis (RO) process. Pre-filtration to remove suspended contaminants and carbon to remove chlorine are two other requirements (damaging membranes). 

Depending on the contaminants and the nature of the water, most membranes remove 90-99% of dissolved impurities. When used in conjunction with prefiltration, reverse osmosis can remove 90% to 99.99% of dissolved contaminants in water. 

Salt, bacteria and large amounts of high molecular weight organics are removed by a reverse osmosis system (RO system). The capacity of the system is determined by water temperature, total dissolved solids in the feed water, operating pressure and overall system recovery.

RO plant20

RO plant37

Reverse osmosis can treat water source

In general, from a treatment standpoint, all major water sources can be divided into three main categories: tap water (also known as municipal water), groundwater (including brackish water), and brackish water. The biggest difference between the three types is the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of each


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