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Periodic Inspection of Aluminum foil material Fire Suit Fire Protective Suit

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Periodic Inspection of Aluminum foil material Fire Suit Fire Protective Suit

Firefighter’s Protective Suit is a personal protective equipment for firefighter when approach flame area under strong retardant heat violation.use multi-layer composite fabric as structure, The outer layer is radiant reflective aluminum foil fabric composed by heat retardant composite materials,Be free of Asbestos,has the advantages of light weight, high strenth, Heat resistance,thermal radiation, unfolding and harmless to human body, etc., It can protect the firefighters from burning for the hot, flame or steam. This products is designed to meet the require of Chapter 3 of International Code for fire safety systems as amended b MSC.339(91). Firefighter’s protective suit (Hereinafter referred to the protective suit).

Periodic Inspection

1. To conduct a monthly inspection of protective suit

2. Check the appearance of defects on the protective suit, such as clothing have cracks, severe damage, burning, aging, obvious damage such as perforation, are not allowed to use.

3. Check the belt of respiratory protective equipment if damaged or not, it should store all air breathing apparatus。

4.  Check the surface of hood window, it should be clear, no scratches. If the window is fuzzy, it should be cleaned or replaced in time.

5. Check all seams if intact.

6.  Check the pocket if intact

7.  Check the air breathing apparatus on the protective suit, it should be within the period of validity, whether can normally use.


1.Inspect the respirator for damage.

Before you donning the Protective suit, you should check whether there is any damage.

2.The suit should be stowed at cool, ventilated and dry place.It should be protected from high temperature, long time exposure under sunlight, acid, alkali, salt, oil and heavy weight press.

3.Contact and friction with sharp objects should be avoided during the usage in order to protect the Protective suit from wear and tear.

4.The suit should be removed from dirties with mild detergent and soft brush, air dried from inner and outer side.


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