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Penumatic Line Thrower

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Penumatic Line Thrower

Penumatic Line Thrower

How it works: pneumatic rope thrower is a high-pressure gas driven linear rope thrower system, does not involve explosives, and no spark or flame. The simple working principle and process are as follows: firstly, the air input from the external gas compressor to the cylinder of the rope thrower, so that the gas in the cylinder forms high-pressure gas; Then, when pulling the trigger, the powerful pressure generated by the high-pressure gas has a huge pushing effect on the projectile head located at the front end of the rope thrower, making the projectile head reach the maximum speed in the barrel of the gun, thus, the projectile head can leave the projectile at a moment and be launched at a long distance, and the flight time to the target is only about 4 seconds.

Pneumatic rope throwers can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as sea supply (RASing) , ship-to-line deployment, ship-to-shore deployment, water rescue, high angle rescue, cable operation in industrial applications, and tactical line deployment.


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