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Operation Of Bow Thruster

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Operation Of Bow Thruster

Bow thruster consists of an electric motor which is mounted directly over the thruster using a worm gear arrangement. The motor runs at a constant speed, and whenever there is a change required in the thrust or direction, the controllable pitch blades are adjusted. These blades are moved, and the pitch is changed with the help of hydraulic oil which moves the hub on which the blades are mounted. As the thruster is of controllable pitch type, it can be run continuously, and when no thrust is required, the pitch can be made to zero.

The thruster is controlled from the bridge, and the directions are given remotely. In case of remote failure, a manual method for changing the pitch is provided in the thruster room and can be operated from there.

Usually, the hydraulic valve block which controls the pitch of the blades is operated in the BT room for changing the blade angle in an emergency.

When the Bow Thruster is operated alone, and the signal is given to operate the pitch at port side, the thrust will result in turning the ship towards the starboard side from the forward part.


Similarly, when the Bow Thruster is operated alone, and the signal is given to run the pitch at starboard side, the thrust will result in turning the ship towards the port side from the forward part.

When the stern thruster and bow thruster are operated together on the same side, the ship will move laterally towards the opposite side.


Following things to be kept in mind when Operating the Side Thrusters:

-Ensure to start the motor well ahead of the thruster operation and open the hydraulic lines

-Never operate the thruster beyond its rated load else it may lead to tripping of the motor

-Gradually increase the capacity and shift the pitch. Avoid sudden changes in the BT movement

-The side thrusters are considered as an “on load” starting device, i.e. they should only be operated when they are submerged in water

-Before operating the thruster, check for small craft, swimmers, boats and tugs adjacent to the thruster tunnel

-Never touch any moving parts or the electric motor in operation

-In the case of installation of more than one panel, ensure the thruster is operated from only one panel at a time


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