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Operation Manual of Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus

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Operation Manual of Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus

Operation instruction of air breathing apparatus

1.Donning Instructions of SCBA

1) Hang fullface mask from neck by the neck strap.

2) Lift cylinder and backplate facing the wearer and raise it over the head , slide arms through shoulder straps and place back plate on the back with cylinder valve down, then tighten shoulder straps and fasten the waist belt.

3) Open cylinder valve by turning handwheel slowly counterclockwise.

4) Check pressure on the gauge.

5) Open all facemask straps fully. Hold breath and place chin into the facemask and pull head harness and straps over the head.

6) Ensure fullface mask is correctly placed on face with the nose guard on the nose and then tighten upper straps first and then lower ones. Both side straps must be tightened together

7) Start to breathe deep which will actuate positive pressure and then breathe slowly

2.Pre Use Checks

1)Close the cylinder valve

2)Breathe normally to vent system

3)During venting observe gauge- whistle alarm should sound at preset pressure of 55 bar +/- 5 bar

4)When gauge indicates zero, hold breath. Face piece should hold onto face indicating positive seal

5)Open cylinder valve slowly, but fully to pressurize system

6)Inhale and hold breath. There should be no audible leak

7)Continue breathing. Expired air should easily flow out of exhalation valve

8)Press center of rubber cover on demand valve checking supplementary supply

3.During Use SCBA Air breathing apparatus

1)Cylinder pressure to not be less than 80% full

2)Keep checking the gauge reading

3)If and when the whistle sounds, go to a safe area with plenty air

4)Do not remove the apparatus till in safe area

4.After Use

1)Press reset lever and switch OFF

2)Press and hold down button and remove demand valve

3)Insert finger behind neck strap and press buckles forward. Pull mask forward and then up and back over the head

4)Close cylinder valve and remove face mask

5)Unbuckle waist belt. Remove equipment when shoulder straps loosen


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