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Operation Manual Of SOLAS Foam Life Jacket

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Operation Manual Of SOLAS Foam Life Jacket

1、Cleaning and Drying

(1)Lifejacket should be cleaned if dirt found.Lay the lifejacket flat on an clean work table.

(2)Scour off dirt by soft brush or soft cloth soaking with mild detergent,and then rinse it.

(3)After washing,hang to dry using a soft,round edge hanger in a dry and well ventilated place.If large dryer is used,the

drying temperature should not exceed 60 centigrade.Heat accumulation should be avoided which could damage your lifejacket.

The application of higher temperature to de-wet the lifejacket is strictly forbidden.Use of dehumidification machine will be better.

(4)Inspected Lifejacket should be thoroughly dried after rinsing.Turn lifejacket inside out and hang to dry if the inside of

lifejacket is washed,or the liner of lifejacket is in high humidity condition,or water is penetrated into fabrics during washing


(5)Lifejacket is not suitable for dry cleaning.


Lay lifejacket on clean work table,put into package bag evenly together with product certificate,an instruction manual.Store

lifejacket in a dry,well ventilated space and keep out of sun.


(1)The lifejacket should be stowed at cool,ventilated and dry place.It should be protected from high temperature,long time

exposure under sunlight,acid,slkali,salt,oil and heavy weight press.

(2)The lifejacket should be removed from dirt with wild detergent and soft brush,air dried from inner and outer side.


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