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Necessary necessities for life-saving at sea ——Immersion suit

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Necessary necessities for life-saving at sea ——Immersion suit

The immersion suit is a life-saving equipment designed for emergencies at sea, especially in cold waters, where it plays a vital role.

Its tight-fiffing design helps reduce heat loss,provides additional insulasion and increases the wearer's buoyancy in the water,it easier to stay afloat.

Immersion Suit27


The immersion suit is designed to be easy to put on and take off, and open features large zippers and adjustment straps to ensure a quick and safe donning progress.

The immersion suit main material is Neoprene,has the following advatanges:

Neoprene has excellent waterproof properties,strong cold resistance,and excellent abrasion resistance and UV resistance when manufacturing submersible immersion suit,ensureing the reliability and comfort of immersion suit in exterme marine envrionments.

Immersion Suit34

Immersion suits are standard equipment for people at sea and their improtance cannont be understimmated.

In emergancis at sea,these life jackets provide valuable survival protection for crew mebers.


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