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Marine Throw Overboard Inflatable Liferaft for Lifesaving

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Marine Throw Overboard Inflatable Liferaft for Lifesaving

Throwable inflatable liferafts automatically inflate and deploy when thrown from a boat into the water. If the ship sinks, the life raft can be quickly separated from the sunken ship and floated from deep water.

Throw Overboard9

Life rafts are usually located at muster stations, near the lifeboats to port and starboard and at the front and rear of the ship. This location usually depends on the size of the vessel.

The life raft is stored in a fiberglass container and is inflated with high-pressure gas in an emergency.

Necessary life-saving items have been stored on the life raft, including rations, fireworks, life jackets, etc.

The operation steps are as follows:

Throw Overboard26

The throwing life raft has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy storage, simple landing device, simple and quick operation, weatherproof, sunscreen, waveproof, coldproof ability, and good lifesaving effect.


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