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Marine Shackle

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Marine Shackle

Shackle overview:  According to the production standard, the unloading shackles commonly used in the domestic market are generally divided into national standard, American standard and Japanese standard, of which American standard is the most commonly used because of its small size and large load-bearing capacity and is widely used. According to the type can be divided into bow and D-type; according to the location can be divided into marine and land two kinds. The factor of safety is four, five, six, even eight times larger (such as the Swedish Gunneb0 Super UNCLASP) . Its material, common carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel. Surface treatment is generally divided into galvanizing (hot-plating and electroplating) , paint.

The use of shackle: shackle is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical industry, ports, mines, construction and other industries. 

The material and use of the shackle: the current better shackle is generally made of alloy steel, change the past history of ordinary carbon steel. Now production of n standard hot-dip Galvanized unshackles up to six times the factor of safety are widely used by customers. The national standard shackles include general lifting shackles, marine shackles and general shackles. The weight is heavier, the volume is bigger, generally does not install in not frequently dismounts the position. When choosing the factor of safety, you should pay attention to the four, six and eight times. Unshackle use must strictly comply with the rated load, excessive frequent use and overloading is not allowed.


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