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Marine Pressure Tank Working Principle

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Marine Pressure Tank Working Principle

The pressure tank is a closed container. When the amount of water supplied by the pump is greater than the amount of water used, the excess water enters the water tank. The rising water level compresses the air in the upper space, and the water pressure of the entire water supply pipeline also gradually rises. When the pressure reaches (30~40) x104Pa, the pressure relay acts on the pressure relay through the pressure transmission tube to cut off the power of the motor and the water pump to stop working. With the consumption of water, the water level in the pressure water tank drops. When the pressure drops to (15-20) x104Pa, the pressure relay connects to the circuit again, the motor works, and the water pump starts to supply water again. This solves the contradiction between the change of water consumption and the continuous operation of the water pump, which can save electricity. The air valve is used to inflate the pressure water tank to supplement the loss caused by air leakage or water absorption. However, since compressed air may contain a small amount of oil, the compressed air pipe is generally not connected to the drinking water pressure tank. The pressure water tank water supply equipment is light in weight and small in area. It can be installed in any lower part and can be automatically controlled to save electricity.


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