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Marine Oil-Water Separation Equipment: Realizing Efficient And Reliable Oil-Water Separation

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Marine Oil-Water Separation Equipment: Realizing Efficient And Reliable Oil-Water Separation

The entry into force of MARPOL 1983 marked a new phase in the control of emissions from ships. Under the new regulations, excessive discharges must not contain more than 15 ppm of oil, while all remaining oil and sludge are to be disposed of safely ashore or incinerated.

This change imposes new performance standards on ships' bilge water oil-water separators, requiring that only a mixture of clean water and diesel fuel be used for type approval.

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In 2005, with the implementation of MEPC 107(49), oily water separators require the ability to treat emulsified mixtures. In addition, the new regulation requires the recording and monitoring of oil content during bilge water treatment to ensure that environmental requirements are met.

oil-water separator10

Our marine oil-water separation equipment utilizes a three-stage quality separation system to ensure its effectiveness and reliability in separating oil and water.

Key Advantages

Reliable and effective: our equipment adopts a three-stage separation system, which can efficiently and reliably separate oil and water, ensuring that the water discharged from the ship meets the environmental standards.

Low Maintenance Costs: No high-speed moving parts and reduced maintenance greatly reduces maintenance costs and improves the economics of the equipment.

No need for expensive membranes: unlike traditional membrane separation technology, our equipment does not require the use of expensive membrane materials, reducing investment costs.

Low Energy Consumption: The use of organic materials and advanced technology, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Fully automatic operation: The equipment adopts simple and fully automatic operation, without the need for specialized staff training, convenient and easy to operate.

Certified: Our equipment has received full type approval from several classification societies, including BV, ABS, DNV, GL, CCS, RMRS, MED and USCG, for reliable quality.


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