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Marine Gravity Luffing Arm Type Lifeboat for Lifesaving

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Marine Gravity Luffing Arm Type Lifeboat for Lifesaving

Lifeboats are one of the most important life-saving equipment on a ship and are used when abandoning ship in extreme emergencies. A lifeboat is a small rigid vessel secured to the ship's davits so that it can be launched over the ship's side with a minimum of time and mechanical assistance to allow the crew to escape the vessel as early as possible.

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what is Marine Gravity Luffing Arm Type Lifeboat?

An inverted arm gravity offshore davit is a rolling davit that uses its own weight to lower the vessel on the water. Marine electro-hydraulic davits are designed for boarding in the stowed position. The boat can descend without stopping, because turning and descending is a continuous motion that takes the least amount of time.

This device is traditionally commonly used in life-saving and escape systems and is a very safe and reliable device.

The device can launch the boat to the surface of the water by its own gravity, and can also dump the boat overboard in the event of power loss;

When launching, passengers can pull the boat's remote control cable to launch or stop the lifesaving/rescue boat or raft. Also, the crew can operate it from deck

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Specifications comply with SOLAS standards

In accordance with SOLAS, all lifeboat equipment shall be secured by lashing, placed in lockers or compartments, stored in racks or similar mountings, or by other suitable means.

Maintenance required for lifeboats 

In the event of an emergency, the presence of lifeboats on board can play an important role in the rapid evacuation at sea. Therefore, they need to work perfectly all the time. 

  1. In order to avoid breakage and damage, the lifeboat must be maintained by the ship's staff every 3 months to check and repair the damage.

2. The hull of the lifeboat must be checked regularly for any cracks and holes. 

3. The air support system in the lifeboat should be checked. The pressure of the air bottle must be verified to avoid the passage of toxic gases through it. 

4. The sprinkler system installed on the lifeboat should be checked regularly to see if the valve is working normally and whether it is frozen or damaged. 

5. The engine of the lifeboat must be tested for at least 3 minutes every week. 

6. The lifeboat batteries that provide lighting for the lifeboat and help start the engine should be renewed every 2-3 years


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