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Marine External Fire Pump of series FIFI

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Marine External Fire Pump of series FIFI

Fire pumps increase the effectiveness of fire protection systems by providing the extra pressure water needs to extinguish fires. The pump does not produce water, but is connected to fire sprinklers or a readily available external water source. 

For convenience, you can also connect the fire pump to the tank or well. By increasing the water pressure to extinguish a fire, a fire pump enables you to quickly suppress and contain a fire before it becomes larger.

Fire Fighting Pump Set 5

How Fire Pumps Work

Fire pumps work by taking available water from the water supply and increasing the pressure. This stored energy enables water to be distributed along sprinkler lines throughout the building. Fire pumps are usually powered by electricity, steam or combustible fuels.

Fire Pump Maintenance and Maintenance

If a fire pump must be used to provide adequate water pressure to the sprinkler system, it should be inspected and maintained regularly to keep this part of the system in top condition.

Weekly inspections can be performed by staff, but a dedicated fire safety professional should be responsible for monthly, annual and multi-year inspections and maintenance. According to NFPA 25, fire pumps must be tested monthly and annually to ensure they are operating as designed. These two different tests are called the monthly "churn" test and the annual traffic test.


A fire pump is not just the pump of the same name, it is an integral part of the system, but the entire system consists of a motor or drive and a controller. As part of a fire sprinkler system, fire pumps receive water from a groundwater source or from a tank, lake or reservoir and are powered by electricity or diesel. The high pressure provided by the pump distributes the water through the sprinkler system and hose risers.


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