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Marine Electric Heating Hot Water Tank

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Marine Electric Heating Hot Water Tank


This series are suitable for heating water on the ship or platform,heated fresh water for crew use.

Principle description:

This series hot water tank can be combined to use with fresh water pressure tank on board, namely use fresh water to renew the stock of hot water tank, and then heated by electric for usage of entire vessel.

The temperature in the heater is controlled by a pressure temperature controller. When the temperature is below 45 ° C, the power will be turned on and the electric heater will become heated. When the temperature rises to 65 degrees Celsius, the power will be turned off. When the control range of the water level relay is smaller than the control range of the water level relay, the power supply will be automatically closed to ensure the safety of the electric heater coil. The tank body is also provided with a safety valve to protect the working safety of the tank body.

DRG Tank.Pressure Water Tank.


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