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Maintenance of life jacket

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Maintenance of life jacket

  1.  Avoid leaving life jackets in direct sun for long periods of time. This can cause deterioration and fading of fabrics. 

  2. If used in saltwater, rinse the jackets with clean water.

  3. Rinse off any mud, sand or visible stains.

  4. After rinsing, let the jackets drip dry before stowing. Never try to speed the drying time by using a clothes dryer or any type of direct heat. It is best to allow the jackets to dry out of direct sunlight if possible.

  5. Check each life jacket for rips, tears or holes. Be certain that all straps are firmly attached and that all hardware is functioning correctly. 

  6. After the life jackets are dry to the touch, check for any puckering or shrinkage.Be sure that no water is caught in the interior foam and that there is no mildew odor. 

  7. Life jackets should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place. If stowing in a small space on a boat or in a plastic bin, do not bend or place heavy objects on top of the jackets as this can cause crushing and damage performance.

  8. Never store a heavily soiled life jacket. Stains become food for mold and mildew growth which weakens fabrics and destroy the effectiveness of the device.

  9. When jackets are not going to be used for an extended period of time, remove them from the boat or any potentially damp storage area. They will last much longer if stored in conditioned, even temperature and humidity location. 


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