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Long Tube Air Breathing Apparatus

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Long Tube Air Breathing Apparatus

Long Tube Air Breathing Apparatus

Long-tube air breathing apparatus, which is a combination of mobile air supply and breathing, is equipped with one 30m fixed tube and two 10m long tubes, and the maximum use distance can reach 50m. It is equipped with two sets of breathing masks, which can be used by two people at the same time. The mobile air supply has multiple gas cylinders, and the gas cylinders can be supplied one by one or simultaneously. The mobile air supply takes a long time to supply air, and can be used as an air supply source for human breathing, pneumatic equipment or testing equipment.


1. Acting in a narrow space

2. The working radius can reach 90 meters

3. The gas cylinders can be quickly changed one by one without affecting the gas supply.

4. It can work with any type of fire truck.

5. It is especially suitable for complex terrain operations (mountainous areas, unequal ground)

6. Simple operation, powerful function and convenient carrying


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