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Life Jacket

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Life Jacket

As a basic life-saving tool, life jackets are equipped on ships and passenger planes, and can also be used for daily natural disaster relief.

Life jackets are not only used as floating aids. The color of life jackets is bright (red and yellow), so that rescuers can easily find survivors in open areas. At the same time, life jackets can keep warm in areas with low temperature, strong wind and snow. In addition, our life jackets are equipped with a life jacket lamp and a positioning lamp. After the battery of the life jacket is soaked in seawater, the positioning lamp will automatically light up every few seconds, which can last for 8 to 10 hours, so that the drowning person can be found at night. Some life jackets are also equipped with whistles that can whistle, mirrors that can reflect light, reflective tapes and other survival items provided by life jackets themselves.

life jacket


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