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Intelligent Lifebuoy

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Intelligent Lifebuoy

The U-shaped intelligent life buoy is used to replace the rescue personnel to enter the water, and can be used to make up for the inaccurate casting of the existing life buoy. It can realize the rapid rescue of those who fall into the water at the first time and reduce the risk of the rescue personnel blindly entering the water, and we can throw from the shore, ship or helicopter directly into the water, fast rescue lifebuoy can rely on automatic rollover to the front after continuing to drive. 

The remote control life buoy is corrosion-resistant and collision-resistant, and equipped with warning position lamp, even at night you can also determine the position. In addition, the intelligent water rescue robot can carry a maximum load of more than 200 kilograms on the water and can carry rescue ropes, life jackets, necessary supplies, and other rescue materials to quickly approach the trapped persons, for drowning accident rescue, flood disaster rescue and other tasks, and set the automatic return function lost contact.


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