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Installation & Maintenace Of Marine Hot Water Tank

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Installation & Maintenace Of Marine Hot Water Tank

Installation and maintenance of marine electric heating hot water tank

Temperature regulator should be installed vertically on horizontal tuber. It must be noted that the arrowhead direction on the valve is identical with the follow direction of the medium. It must provide spafe for repair. Temperature regulator’s installation, disconnecting valve and pressure gauge are installed in front and behind the temperature regulators. Temperature indicator is set for heated water. The temperature regulator should be cleaned regularly and the tubes should be cleaned before the temperature regulator’s installation. No impurity is permitted, the tubs and temperature regulator should get the rust off before there are installed.

Check valve in front and behind the temperature regulator are opened, so the regulator will work normally. When the temperature of water is below the up-limit, which is required, the valve of the regulator is opened, and then the pressure gauge behind the valve returns to zero, it means that the equipment is mated with the requirement. If the appearance of the temperature of water being controlled by the regulator is below or up the limit is found. The regulator would be regulated in according to the usage guide for temperature regulator.


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