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Inflatable life jacket

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Inflatable life jacket

Inflatable life jacket usage

1. Automatic inflation device will auto-inflate within 5 seconds when the inflatable life jacket falls into the water.

2. Blowing inflatable pipe on the left side of life jacket.Open the left side of the life jacket,pull the mouthpiece into mouth,then, blowing the pipe until the airbag change harden.If the airbag becomes soft due to CO2 penetration(Cylinder gas will loss over a period of time),it is have necessary to keep buoyancy by mouth blowing.

3. When the inflation temperature is at or below 40℃,air bag becomes not rigid,so ,in addition to automatic inflation ,mouth-below is required.In this temperature CO2 inflation time will be longer.

4. Other inflation instructions

a,Be careful not to manually inflate with a CO2 cylinder after filling it with mouth blowing. Repeated use CO2 inflation after mouth inflation will break the life jacket.

b,Never use an air pump or air compressor inflate to life jacket.

c, Inflating with CO2 is more permeable than inflating through air, so it is necessary to replenish it as soon as possible through a mouth-blown inflation system. 1. Manual inflation: before or after falling into the water, pull the pull rope on the inflator to make the pull rod turn no less than 90 degrees, the needle pierces the diaphragm of the gas cylinder, the high-pressure CO2 gas rushes into the air bag, and the gas expands to generate buoyancy 2. Automatic Inflation: After falling into the water, the life jacket is immersed in water to soften the water sensitive element in the automatic device, the firing pin loses its resistance, and the spring stretches to push the firing pin to pierce the sealing diaphragm of the gas bottle and inflate the CO2 gas into the air bag to generate buoyancy.


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