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How to release the life raft ?

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   Life raft are usually described as a fundamental piece of safety equipment. However, it’s the most important and efficient products for life saving when people encounter danger or emergency situations at sea .

  While a life raft is meant to extend your survival time until rescue arrives. You can not be rescued immediately in virtually all accidents at sea. You’ll need to protect yourself from the elements until someone comes to help. So life raft is an important equipment to guarantee your survival. 

  But, how to release the life raft when we encounter emergency situations? Here are some ways which can help you.

1. Davit Release Life raft Launching Procedure

  The inflatable life raft can be lowered into the water by a mechanical device called a davit winch is on the ship side.

2. HRU Release Life raft Launching Procedure 

  Life raft can also be deployed by hydrostatic release units (HRU), which connects the sealed life raft container to the vessel’s deck.

3. Manual Life raft Launching Procedure

  The standard inflatable life raft can be launched by throwing  overboard. 


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