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How to operate the life raft and rescue boat davit when the power is off?

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How to operate the life raft and rescue boat davit when the power is off?

There are usually two decoupling devices on the boom, one for connecting the rescue boat and the other for connecting the life raft. Responsible crew members should pay attention to their daily maintenance to ensure that they are always available.

1). Releasing of the rescue boat when the power is off.

1.1 After unfastening all the ropes of the rescue boat, remove the handle, insert it into the handle hole, and shake the handle to ensure 

that the rescue boat rises to a height where no obstacles affect its rotation;

1.2 Ensure that the relevant valve switch position is correct;
1.3 After boarding the boat, the rescue boat operator pulls the rotary 
remote control pull ring downwards, relying on the pressure of

 the accumulator to turn the rescue boat outboard;

1.4 The operator pulls down to lower the remote control wire rope, and the rescue boat is lowered to the surface by its own weight.
1.5 Open the release hook and leave the mother ship.

2)Releasing of the life raft when the power is off

2.1 Remove the handle, insert it into the handle hole, shake the handle, and recover the hook to the height of the raft;

2.2 Ensure that the relevant shipping switch is correct;
2.3 Use the energy of the storage tank to rotate the Crane boom to 110;
2.4 Hang the automatic release hook;
2.5 Open the life raft;
2.6 Board the raft.
2.7 Pull the remote control launch handle to lower the life raft to the 

2.8 Open the automatic release hook to free the liferaft from the mother ship.

2.9 Manually recover the automatic release hook and wait for the next life raft to be launched. When necessary, use the recovery rope 

to pull the release hook to the inboard position to continue to release the next davit launched life raft. 


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