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Heat Resistant Suit

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 Heat Resistant Suit

Heat Resistant Suit

Heat insulation clothing, also known as flame-retardant protective clothing, refers to clothing with LOD greater than 25%. When it comes into direct contact with flames and hot objects or radiates heat with instantaneous high intensity, this kind of clothing can slow down the spread of flames, carbonize clothes to form isolation layers and protect human safety. Flame retardant protective clothing usually consists of natural flame retardant fiber, additive modified flame retardant fiber or fabric treated with temporary and semi-durable flame retardant.


High-performance high-temperature flame-retardant protective clothing refers to special flame-retardant protective clothing made of natural flame-retardant fibers. The protective clothing has permanent fireproof and heat insulation functions, does not generate melting drops in case of fire and high temperature, can always keep enough strength and wearability, has stable fabric size, does not shrink or crack strongly, and has comprehensive characteristics such as wear resistance, tear resistance, light weight and comfortable wearing.


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