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Fire Monitor

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Fire Monitor

Fire monitor is an important fire fighting equipment for long-distance fire fighting. Fire monitor is divided into fire monitor (PS) and fire foam monitor (PP). Fire monitor is a fire-fighting equipment that sprays water to extinguish general solid substances from a long distance, and fire monitor foam gun is a fire-fighting equipment that sprays air foam to extinguish Class A, B and C liquid fires from a long distance.



Fire monitor fire extinguishing equipment which uses water as medium to extinguish fire from a long distance. This gun is suitable for petrochemical enterprises, storage tank areas, hangars, warehouses, ports and docks, etc. It is also an ideal vehicle-mounted fire monitor for fire engines.The gun body composed of fire monitor base, water inlet pipe, revolving body, water collecting pipe, jet adjusting ring, handle and locking mechanism can rotate horizontally and up and down, and can realize positioning. The gun has a wide range of pressure and a long range, and can realize the stepless regulation of DC to 90 flowering and water mist jet. Its light weight, small volume, complete functions and good fire extinguishing effect are the biggest characteristics of the gun.


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