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Davit launched Inflatable liferaft

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Davit launched Inflatable liferaft

The davit drop-down liferaft hangs the liferaft on the side of the ship through the landing equipment, enters inward from the deck of the ship when it is inflated, and drops it into the sea through the davit. The liferaft is also designed to self-inflate in the event of davit launching equipment failure, the same as throwable liferafts. In an emergency, it can be thrown out or thrown into the water. The raft can be released automatically and float on the water.

D Inflation Life Raft3

Davit launched Inflatable liferaft Product Description

Fully enclosed, double-walled, high-visibility canopy with SOLAS-grade reflective tape, non-inflatable easy boarding ramp, high-capacity water bladder for maximum stability when inflated, and canopy with LED lights to ensure Maximum visibility, and a fully insulated floor ensures maximum heat protection.

The liferaft is stored in a cylindrical GRP container designed to fit most deck spaces and provide quick access to lifting lines. The equipment pack is sealed in a strong waterproof bag and is secured to the internal safety line of the liferaft.

What is the biggest advantage of davit launched life rafts?

Davit-launched liferafts are suitable for passenger ships and cargo ships, and have the essential advantages of capsizing liferafts. Being on deck keeps passengers from getting wet, which is important to prevent hypothermia, especially in colder climates.


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