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Control System For Azimuth Thruster

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Control System For Azimuth Thruster

The control system is divided into three parts: rudder propeller rotation system, main engine remote control system and monitoring alarm system.

The rudder propeller rotation system is a pure feedback control system, a single handle controls the rotation angle of the rudder propeller to control the direction of the ship. The handle command is converted into the voltage signal of the left and right rudder propellers, and the comparison error signal is fed back. The three-position four-way valve in the hydraulic device is excited by the electric unit, and the oil transfer motor drives the rudder propeller to rotate until the error e=0.

The main engine remote control system is controlled by electro-hydraulic. The control handle of the clutch is excited by the solenoid valve, and the oil transmission motor controls the engagement and disengagement of the clutch; the control handle of the main engine is operated by the three-position four-way valve through the solenoid valve. Speed up or slow down.

There are left and right thrust direction indicators on the console, left and right main engine tachometers, and sound and light alarm devices for abnormal operating parameters, including: low main lubricating oil; high cooling water; low clutch working oil; low oil tank liquid level; high oil tank liquid temperature; Voltage loss; hydraulic oil pump overload and high filter pressure difference.


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