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Comprehensive protection and multiple advantages of Aluminum Firefighting suit

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Comprehensive protection and multiple advantages of Aluminum Firefighting suit

Safety is critical when working in hot environments or fighting and rescuing fires.

Aluminum Fire Suit 2

Aluminum Fire Suit 4

Aluminum Fire Suit 3

Material and Features

Our fireproof suits are made of heat-resistant aluminum foil composite fireproof fabric and cotton lining, as well as aramid heat-resistant flame-retardant threads sewn together.

The foot cover is made of flame retardant fabric and vacuum coated material.

These materials make the fireproof suit wear-resistant, crease-resistant, flame-retardant, fireproof, heat-insulating, high-temperature-resistant, and iron splash-resistant. It can withstand radiant heat up to 1000 degrees while being easy to wear.

Usage and Application Scene

This Aluminum Firefighting suit is suitable for firefighters and high-temperature operators to wear while working. It effectively protects the wearer from high temperatures, flames and vapors, and enables them to work safely close to the heat source. 

It is suitable for aerospace, firefighting, explosion-proof, metallurgy, forestry, chemical, petroleum, electric power and other industries, including steel mills, firefighting, radiation protection, dust, welding and other operating scenes.

Aluminum Firefighting suit

Packing List and Services

We offer a full set of fireproof clothing, including a hat, jumpsuit, a pair of gloves, a pair of shoe covers and a portable storage bag. 

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.


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