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Common Sense of Self-help

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Shipwreck Related Escape Knowledge, The Critical Moment to Learn To Save Themselves

Ship accident, blind with the people who have lost control of running and ramming is not OK, blindly waiting for others to rescue will also delay the escape time, must take active means to escape. 

People's physical strength is different, in the water survival time is also different. In general, people can survive for 12 hours in 15-20 ° C water; most people can survive for 6 hours in 10-15 ° C water; half of people can survive for more than 1 hour in 5-10 ° C water; Most people can not survive for more than an hour when the water temperature is between 2 ° C and 5 ° C, and can only tolerate it for a few minutes when the temperature is below 2 ° C. This does not include the psychological effects of fear, but only physical endurance. Under low water temperature, the main cause of death in shipwreck is severe dysfunction of the vital organs and ventricular fibrillation.                    

The prevention of hypothermia by immersion in ice water is mainly through the rational use of life-saving equipment, reduction of activities in the water and maintenance of physical and mental quietness to O prevent or reduce the loss of body heat. The main life-saving equipment for floating tools, such as life vests and lifeboats and immersion suits, immersion suits to avoid the body and cold water direct contact. Those who fall into the water should use the life vest or catch the floater of the sunken ship, floating as quietly as possible. The discomfort of entering cold water will soon be lessened. You may only consider swimming if you do not have a life vest, if you can not catch the flotsam, or if you must leave the sinking vessel immediately and if you are close to the shore or salvage vessel. Otherwise, even if the swimming skills are quite skilled, in the freezing water can only swim a short distance. In 10 ° C water, the person with good physical strength can swim 1-2 kilometers; the average person can swim 100 meters is very difficult.

In addition, we need to protect the head, take a certain position to slow down the loss of body heat, after entering the water should be as far as possible to avoid the head and neck immersed in cold water, do not remove the flying cap or helmet. Head and hand protection is important. In order to reduce the surface area of the body in contact with water, especially to maintain several high-heat dissipation sites, namely the bowels, groin and chest, hands in the water should be crossed in the chest, legs to abdominal flexion posture. If there are several people together, you can link arms and squeeze together to preserve body heat. If the river at sea for a long time, do not drink seawater, can eat seaweed hunger.

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