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Circle of Safety: Lifebuoy’s Life Guard

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Circle of Safety: Lifebuoy’s Life Guard

Lifebuoys are one of the essential safety equipment on ships and their importance cannot be underestimated.

Marine Life Buoy 29

Here are a few important reasons why ships should be equipped with lifebuoys:

1.Simple and easy to use: 

The design of the lifebuoy is simple and easy to use. In an emergency, the crew can quickly throw the lifebuoy into the water to provide timely rescue for those who fall into the water.

2.Comply with regulatory standards:

 According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other relevant regulations, ships must carry a certain number of lifebuoys, and our lifebuoys meet the specified performance and standards.

3. Bright colors:

 Lifebuoys are usually orange or red to make them easily visible in the water, especially in emergencies or low-light conditions.

Marine Life Buoy 10

Lifebuoys carried on ships at sea are generally stored in obvious locations on the side, stern, pilot stairs or deck, and can be dropped directly into nearby waters of sufficient depth for rescue.


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