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China Classification Society Issues the First Supplier Approved E-Certificate

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China Classification Society Issues the First Supplier Approved E-Certificate

On November 15, 2021, the China Classification Society (CCS) supplier-approved electronic certificate was officially launched. On the same day, the Rotterdam office of CCS Hamburg branch issued the first CCS supplier-approved electronic certificate for Cobalt Blue BVBA.

The official launch of the e-certificate approved by the supplier this time is that CCS actively implements the “delegation of management services” and low-carbon environmental protection requirements, reduces the administrative burden of related parties due to relying on paper certificates as evidence,

It is another important measure to promote the efficiency of information exchange between related parties and the optimization of certification procedures. It is another important measure to move forward in terms of electronic office, low-carbon, and environmental protection, and strive to provide customers with more efficient, lower-carbon, and more convenient services.

For the purpose of reducing the administrative burden on stakeholders caused by the reliance on traditional paper certificates, and promoting the efficiencies of ship-ship/ ship-shore information exchange and related formalities, please be kindly notified that CCS will provide electronic certificate and document service to ships also like some other Classification Society.

So in the future, all products may gradually realize paperless certification, and only provide electronic certificates


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