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Basket Transfer Offshore at Oil Platform

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Basket Transfer Offshore at Oil Platform

An offshore crew transfer basket, often referred to as a crew carrier, is a specialized transportation apparatus meticulously engineered for the swift and secure relocation of crew members.

 It achieves this through integration with a crane system affixed to either a stationary or floating platform. This essential equipment facilitates efficient and safe crew transfer operations, catering to the unique demands of offshore environments where the movement of personnel between locations is vital for operational continuity and safety.

personnel transfer basket10

Personnel transfer baskets play a paramount role in ensuring the safety of personnel working on oil platforms. These specialized carriers enable efficient and secure transport of crew members between platforms and vessels, mitigating risks associated with open-sea transfers. 

By providing a stable and controlled means of passage, personnel transfer baskets reduce the potential for accidents and injuries, contributing significantly to the overall safety and well-being of offshore workers, while also supporting operational continuity in the challenging and dynamic environment of offshore oil platforms.


• Collapsible for compact storage

• Ensures rapid and secure transfers

• Offers cost-effective solutions

• Enhances the well-being and comfort of personnel during transfers


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