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Basic Principles of Survival at Sea

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Basic Principles of Survival at Sea

1.1 Self-Protection

Marine lifeguards should do a good job in self-protection under various circumtances. Traveling by boat should be mentally alert, prepared, and think ahead what to do if happen emergence event. Know the storage locations of spare life jackets, lifeboats, and life rafts, as well as the passages, entrances and exits, cross passages, and the nearest escape exit to the deck of the ship, so that you can quickly leave the dangerous place in an emergency.

1.2 Distress location

IMO regulations, the ship equipped with GMDSS communication facilities, if the ship in distress, you can call channel 16, which is dedicated to the rescue channel. If there's a boat nearby, it'll pick it up and come to your rescue. If the ship is not far from the port, the Port Supervision Department received, the same ship or helicopter search and rescue.

1.3 Fresh Water and Food 

For survivors, fresh water is more important than food. Certain nutrients are stored in the human body, as long as appropriate fresh water is given every day (at least 0.5 liters per day for people), it can still maintain life for 30-50 days, but if there is no fresh water, it can last for 2-3 days at most.

The fresh water and food provided in the lifeboat can be used by the rated crew for 6 days. The extra fresh water and food in the life raft can be used for 3 days. Can not eat within 24 hours after abandoning the ship, after that, eat a daily quota (0.5 liters of fresh water per person per day), try to save as much as possible. In addition, rain and dew, bodily fluids of marine life and ice floes in high latitude waters can be collected. When the food is insufficient, you can catch fish, birds and collect seaweed to supplement.

For sea survivors, never drink sea water. Because the human body can only bear water with a salt content of 2%, while the salt content of seawater is often greater than 5%. Drinking seawater makes your body lose water faster and makes you feel thirstier. In severe cases, symptoms such as abdominal distension, hallucinations, coma, and mental confusion may occur, and death will be accelerated.


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