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Attentions When Operating Fast Rescue Boat

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Attentions When Operating Fast Rescue Boat

Since the fast rescue boat has highlighted the word "fast" throughout the rescue operation, it is necessary to observe the operating procedures during the whole operation to prevent accidents. Pay special attention to the following issues:

1. The passengers must not stand before the single lifting point davit releases the fast rescue boat into the water, and the balance problem must be considered in the sitting position, otherwise even if the mother ship does not have a large roll, it will be easy to release quickly cause overturning.

2. The release of the hook is mostly a single-point hook with no load installed on the center console, and the hook can only be opened when the rope is not receiving any force. When releasing the hook, you must pay attention to the operating procedures.

3. Before the outboard motor enters the water, the timing of the engine start should be fully grasped. In addition to complying with the performance requirements of the machine, it should also be noted that some outboard motors are not allowed to start in the air, and are only allowed to start when the boat is floating in the water.

4. When the fast rescue boat is manoeuvring away from the mother ship, the speed of the boat should not be too high when the outboard rudder angle is manipulated. The throttle must be controlled and accelerate after leaving the mother ship. Avoid throwing away the bow too much, and the machine may crash into the mother ship, causing danger.

5. When the davit slews out of the board, attention should be paid to the working position of the boat machine to avoid damage caused by the paddle blades touching the hull of the mother ship. At the same time, attention should be paid to controlling the remote control drop cable to prevent damage and accidents caused by incorrect operation in a hurry.

6. Pay attention to the correct use of the buffer device on the davit, especially when the boat is launched in strong winds. Correct operation can effectively alleviate the force on the davit.

7. In the process of retracting and releasing the fast rescue boat, the procedure and timing of the bow/stern cable securing or release are very important, otherwise it will cause injury and other related accidents. Especially when the big ship is moving at speed, you should pay more attention to it.

8. When retracting the boat, check whether the safety pin of the hook is in the safe position and whether the surface of the boat is balanced. If it is not suitable, it should be adjusted in time to avoid accidents in the process of retraction.

9. The retraction operation is very difficult in heavy storms. The better position for the retraction operation of ro-ro ships is the stern. Stop retraction operation to ensure safety if the situation is not satisfied.


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