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  • Life Jacket

  • Inflatable life jacket usage:(How to use an inflatable life jacket)1. Automatic inflation device will auto-inflate within 5 seconds when the inflatable life jacket falls into the water.2. Blowing inflatable pipe on the left side of life jacket.Open the left side of the life jacket,pull the mouthpiec

  • 1. Cleaning and Drying1.1 If the lifejacket is dirty, it should be placed on a clean work table for cleaning.1.2 Scour off dirt by soft brush or soft cloth soaking with mild detergent, and then rinse it.1.3 After washing, hang to dry using a soft, round edge hanger in a dry and well ventilated place

  • Maintenance of life jacket 1. Avoid leaving life jackets in direct sun for long periods of time. This can cause deterioration and fading of fabrics. 2. If used in saltwater, rinse the jackets with clean water.3. Rinse off any mud, sand or visible stains. 4. After rinsing, let the jackets drip dry b

  • The BAP Union ship is installed with our life saving items includes life rafts, life jackets and life buoy.


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